Thu, 05 Apr 2012

Technicolor TG582N and 3G

I just got the Technicolor TG582N router from A&A, after my previous router developed an annoying habit of dropping all my packets.

One of the things I wanted to try was getting the "3G backup" support working. This is not very well documented on the internet at the moment.

The best documentation I could find (with the help of #A&A on irc) was the Be user group Mobile internet document.

I tried this out with an old Vodafone dongle - labelled as a "Vodafone Mobile Connect Model K3565 - Rev 2", but which I believe is really a badged Huawei E220.

I backed up the configuration as recommended.

I logged in via telnet and tried to run the Be documented commands. I found I had to add an initial mobile ifadd as the umts interface did not exist:

{Administrator}=>mobile ifadd intf=umts
{Administrator}=>mobile ifconfig intf=umts apn=CHANGEME
{Administrator}=>ppp ifadd intf=mobilebroadband
{Administrator}=>ppp ifconfig intf=mobilebroadband dest=umts
{Administrator}=>nat ifconfig translation=enabled intf=mobilebroadband
{Administrator}=>ppp rtadd intf=mobilebroadband dst=

I then went to the web interface - replace with the IP address of your router, and entered the username, password, and APN. For my vodafone SIM, the username was web, the password was web, and the APN was pp.internet.

You should then be able to fiddle around with telling the interface to connect, and unplugging the DSL. The new connection should show up under "Broadband Connection - Internet Services".

I'm not sure how to make failover work, or if anything extra is required. Since I was using a vodafone dongle, and my machines are statically configured to use A&A's DNS servers, I lost working DNS.

Hopefully someone else can fill in the rest of the details to make things behave sensibly, and even try an A&A SIM.

I also tried with a Huawei E367 - doesn't seem to be recognised.

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